Conveyor Belt Impact Bars

Impact Bars fitted at conveyor transfer and feed points reduce the risk of costly puncture damage to your conveyor belts.

Spillage, surge loading, and airborne dust at conveyor transfer/feed points cause a number of costly environmental and safety problems. The material builds up, seized rollers and conveyor belt wear erode maintenance budgets. Smiley Monroe offers Impact Bars and proven solutions to spillage and dust escaping at transfer/ feed points. Our system is tailored to suit your specific application and the severity of the problem, using standard components.

  1. For use at conveyor transfer/feed points
  2. Designed for heavy product loading points
  3. Reduces risk of rips and punctures in belts
  4. Extremely robust and impact resistant
  5. Extends belt and skirting life - unlike roller sets, fully support belt and prevents sagging
  6. Helps to reduce spillage in conjunction with skirt sealing arrangement
  7. Reduces your maintenance costs
  8. Contributes to a cleaner, healthier and safer workplace - helps reduce slips, trips, and falls