Zip Clip Replacement Belts

Introducing the mechanically fastened replacement conveyor belt, Zip Clip®. With an easy-to-fit push-in connecting pin, Zip Clip® is a fast, safe and secure installation method developed specifically for the OEM Aftermarket and end-users. Once fitted and tensioned, Zip Clip® belts can be run immediately. Even environmental conditions, such as high humidity, dust, sand, or extreme cold will not adversely affect installation. Advantages
  1. Fast, safe, and secure installation
  2. A belt can be run immediately - maximizing uptime
  3. Zip Clip’s factory-made recessed splice is friendly towards belt cleaners (PU blades) and feeds boot skirting (rubber & PU)
  4. Corrosion & wear-resistant - stainless chromium-steel staples and stainless chromium-nickel armored Connecting Pin designed for maximum wear resistance
  5. Factory manufacture using pneumatic equipment ensures consistently high-quality splice for longer life
  6. Superior splice strength and belt straightness compared to hammer-in rivet hinge fasteners
  7. A pin can be easily removed - making Zip Clip® a temporary replacement